Thursday 07.07.22
Barnival park

Barnivalen: Rasmus & the World's Best Band

This band has released five children's albums, received three violinist awards, made music for four seasons of the NRK Super series "Kosinus" and played at a bunch of Norwegian festivals, schools, kindergartens, as well as being a soloist with a symphony orchestra!

Concert start: 15:15 Single ticket price: NOK 200

Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band was started in 2007. Among the band's best-known songs are: Puppan te pappa, Daniel datt i do, Fiskebolla i chocolatesaus, Kosinus song, Mother and Father's song, Balloon song and Banjo in the bathroom. As well as making rather silly songs, the band is known for writing about themes that might not be so common in children's music. Examples of this are: The boy on the beach, Drunkard in the backyard, Grandmother and grandmother and The world's finest cat. The band has had different lineups. In 2021, the band consists of, Kriss Stemland (piano, dobro etc.), Morten Berger Stai (double bass) and Rasmus Rohde (guitar etc.). 

Kriss Stemland – piano/dobro/house organ/singing 
Kriss is ethnically a Northerner, but has been a parishioner in Trondheim since 2003. He has distinguished himself as a skilled multi-instrumentalist, and performed as a member of Hopalong Knut, and in the bands of Ida Jenshus, Rita Eriksen, Aslak Borgersrud and Charlotte Audestad. In addition, he has had the opportunity to play with a whole load of other artists, including Sissel Kyrkjebø and Morten Abel.

Morten Berger Stai – double bass/vocals
Morten is from Trondhjemmer and trained as a musician from the University of Stavanger and Trondhem. He has studied Palestinian music, released several records and plays in the Cecilie Grundt Quintet, BounceAlarm, Snirkelsongar, Sondre Ferstad Ensemble, BenReddik, etc. 

Rasmus Rohde – guitar/vocals 
Rasmus comes from Ila in Trondheim. He is a lyricist, composer, musician and sometimes playwright. For many years he played Argentine tango, and has also written a lot of theater music. In 2019, he released his own solo record, which, among other things, contains the duet
"Have you forgotten" with Ida Jenshus. In 2014 he received the Trondheim Culture Prize and the Teskjekjerring Prize in 2017.

The children's festival is open Thursday-Saturday from 11-17. A ticket to Barnivalen gives entry for a whole day. If you want to take part in the Barnivalen several or all days, we also have a 3-day pass. Welcome!

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