Friday 08.07.22 am
Barnival park

Barnivalen 2022: Program Friday

Finally, we can once again fill Barnivalparken with fun activities, workshops with music and song, bouncy castles, concerts, theater and a good atmosphere for three whole days! This year's most spectacular news is that we are setting up the Jazz Festival's stage icon for many years: TUBALOON!

Concert start: 11:00 Single ticket price: NOK 200

Barnivalen is a festival for, and by, children and young people. And our wonderful clerks help organize, so that you can experience all the fun that happens in the park.

At Barnivalen this year, we will be visited by many well-known and beloved artists. On Friday comes:

– EMMa//Tubaloon

eMMa made her artist debut at the age of 8, and at the age of 13 already has a long career in the music industry. With older brothers Marcus & Martinus as role models and supporters, Emma has received many good tips along the way. In 2016, Emma had great success with the Christmas song "Angels in the snow", the music video has been viewed a whopping 23 million times on YouTube. Five years later, she has released her first song in English, "This & That" and with a modern pop sound she proves once again that she is a promising star among Norwegian artists.

– Two Wolves//Theatreteltet

Beatur and Taro come with their popular beatbox-slam poetry-narrative-theatre play "To ulver". How do we learn to make the right choices? Do we know what is right and what is wrong all the time? Two Wolves is about a boy who becomes furious and runs away from home, into a dark forest where he suddenly hears a sound... The performance is suitable for absolutely everyone and is just as much fun for adults as for children!

– Musikorama//Tubaloon and the workshop tent

Join us on an amazing musical journey with Raymond Sereba (Ivory Coast) and Frøy Aagre (Norway). The audience gets involved in the concert and gets to experience the magical sound of Frøy's saxophone, Raymond's voice and djembe playing. Through sound, movements and music, they create an engaging music experience for children and adults. Before the concert, the children can take part in a workshop. Come and play with rhythms, music and song. Here we create an exciting musical interplay that may result in a feature on stage.

– The Stone Age Girl//Tubaloon

"The Stone Age Girl" is a musical story about the Stone Age girl Yr and the present-day girl Ea. The songs convey the story of how the two girls from different eras miraculously become friends. But how can a Stone Age girl who lived many thousands of years ago suddenly appear in the present? Could the nearby melting glacier, which has been there since the Stone Age, have something to do with it? The public is invited to a concert with a common thread, Stone Age magic, sing-alongs, clapping, and to make funny animal and human sounds. "Steinalderjenta" is performed by Natalie Aldema and Trond Helge Bårdsen.

– Beatboxing workshop//Teaterteltet

Beatur is from Iceland, but has lived in Norway for many years. As a former Icelandic champion in Beatboxing, over several years, he can use his voice to imitate any instrument you can think of. Come and learn how he uses his mouth and a loop station, and becomes a whole orchestra. Perhaps YOU are the future Norwegian champion in beatboxing.


Friday 6 July

11:00 The park opens

11:15 Theatre: Two Wolves

12:15 Concert: Stone Age Girl

12:30 Workshop: Musikorama

13:00 Workshop: Beatboxing

13:30 Malejam: Art

13:45 Theatre: Two Wolves

14:00 Children's film - Krona Kino: Mini-Zlatan and the World's Best Uncle (Age limit: allowed for everyone)

14:00 Concert: Musikorama

14:45 Workshop: Beatboxing

15:15 Concert: eMMa

11:00-16:00 The Flying Seagulls

16:00 The park closes

The full program is printed on paper, but here is also a link to a digital, flippable program - 


We look forward to seeing you at Barnivalen!


Other artists

Christians kjeller
Wednesday 5 July / Time: 20:30

Amund Maarud Trio

The jazz box
Wednesday 5 July / Time: 14:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time: Thomas Hylland Eriksen & David Murray

The jazz box
Thursday, July 6 / Time: 12:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time

The jazz box
Friday, July 7 / Time: 12:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time

The jazz box
Saturday, July 8 / Time: 12:00

Jazz talk with Now's the Time

Skavangertun nursing home
Thursday, July 6 / Time: 12:00

Gold jazz