Saturday 08.07.23
Barnival park

Barnivalen Saturday

We fill Barnivalparken with concerts, fun activities, workshops with music and song, bouncy castles, theater and a good atmosphere for three whole days!

Concert start: 11:00 Single ticket price: NOK 150

Barnivalen is a festival for, and by, children and young people. And our wonderful clerks help organize, so that you can experience all the fun that happens in the park.
At Barnivalen this year, we will be visited by many well-known and beloved artists.
  • Here is the program for Saturday:11:00 The park opens
    11:15 Swing'it Dixie Band
    11:30 Flying Seagulls
    11:30 CFSN Art Workshop
    12:00 Classic puppet theatre
    12:15 Flying Seagulls
    12:45 Mandarin juice
    13:30 CFSN Art Workshop
    13:45 Spectacle bear with Spectacle strap
    14:15 Flying Seagulls
    14:45 Classic puppet theatre
    15:30 Flying Seagulls
    16:00 The park closes

At Barnivalen, adults can only enter accompanied by children.

Spectacle bear with Spectacle band

Brillebjørn, known from NRK Super, several children's books and cinema, makes real Brillebjørn music! Together with his friends in Brilleband, he has made nice and strange songs about when he was a little spectacled bear, and he is really looking forward to showing it to all the children out there! Brilleband plays a blissful mix of jazz, indie pop and rock for the youngest. Brillebjørn is very much looking forward to meeting big and small fans during this year's festival!

Tangerine juice

Have you heard of the parrot that never stops miming, or the swimming lion that gets super speed down the slide? Mandarin juice is good if you're really thirsty for fresh children's music!

Spellemann-nominated Mandarinsaft is finally out with new music! The band from Trondheim is current with their sixth children's record - Puteslott. Here you will meet, among other things, a cheerful baker, hundreds of thousands of cups, swimming lions and a chattering parrot. And maybe you'll want to build your own pillow castle?

Mandarinsaft consists of Even Jenssen (guitar, drums, vocals), Bendik Ulla (guitar, vocals), Johannes Rosmo Kuvås (bass) and Anders Brønstad (electric guitar). Puteslott is nominated for the Spellemannpris in the genre of children's music, like the band's previous children's record, På vei te en venn from 2018. The band has played over a thousand concerts, and brings children and adults into its playful musical universe at festivals, cultural centers, schools, kindergartens and libraries across the country. Now they can't wait to tour again, and maybe they'll offer an encounter with the scariest dinosaur of them all… the spinosaurus!

Swing'it Dixie Band

Swing'it Dixieband takes the audience on a journey 100 years back in time and across the Atlantic to 1920s New Orleans. They play catchy and entertaining Dixieland, with humor, little jokes, three buckets of charm and an out-of-tune banjo - served with straw hats, crossbows and lots of fun playing. This winter, Swing'it made a name for themselves all over the country after their participation in the Norwegian final of Melodi Grand Prix - maybe you got them with you?

The Flying Seagulls

Jesters, clowns, musicians, artists and entertainers of all kinds from the company The Flying Seagulls will mark Barnivalparken with pranks and juggling. They are play and laughter specialists who believe that a daily smile should be a right for all children. And their humanitarian work, in the name of laughter, can be found all over the world.

Street art workshop with CFSN 

Welcome to the spray workshop with CFSN! Here you get to spray a painting with colors from spray cans. A hugely popular activity at last year's Barnival, which we are looking forward to having with us this year as well.


Day passes for both adults and children cost NOK 150. Three-day passes cost NOK 290 and can be purchased here.

Other artists

Christians kjeller
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 15:00

The poetry oasis: Ingrid Olava

Photographer Carsten Stolzenbach
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 13.00

Zanussi 4

Photographer Martin Rustad Johansen
Kongsberg Musikkteater
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 18:00

Susanna "Baudelaire & Oslo Sinfonietta"

Christians kjeller
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 21:30

Rita Engedalen

Friday, July 5 / Time: 23:59


Thursday, July 4 / Time: 17:30

Per Zanussi: Liminal Beings (commissioned work)