Friday 07.07.23 am
Barnival park

Barnivalen Friday

We fill Barnivalparken with concerts, fun activities, workshops with music and song, bouncy castles, theater and a good atmosphere for three whole days!

Concert start: 11:00 Single ticket price: NOK 150

Barnivalen is a festival for, and by, children and young people. And our wonderful clerks help organize, so that you can experience all the fun that happens in the park. At Barnivalen this year, we will be visited by many well-known and beloved artists.

Here is the program for Friday:

11:00 The park opens
11:15 Flying Seagulls
11:30 Classic puppet theatre
12:00 William
13:00 Flying Seagulls
13:00 Workshop – Kouame Sereba
13:30 Classic puppet theatre
14:00 Kouame Sereba W – Concert
14:30 Flying Seagulls
15:00 Me and my friend
15:30 Flying Seagulls
16:00 The park closes

At Barnivalen, adults can only enter accompanied by children.


William won MGP Junior 2022 with the song "Tusen tanker". His song is about putting all different thoughts away and just dreaming away. He was inspired by himself, because he can often be frustrated by all the thoughts that come to him when he goes to bed, which makes it difficult to sleep. Now William is ready to create a great atmosphere at Barnivalen!

Me and Comrade Min. Photo: Marthe Amanda Vannebo

Me and my comrade

Me and my comrade has played countless concerts for children and young people - at festivals, in cultural centers, in kindergartens and in schools all over Norway - to the delight of both young and old! They have had their own TV special on NRK with Kringkastings orkereset and they are one of the most vital songwriter couples in Norwegian music life, regardless of genre and age group.

Me, Martin Hagfors, and my partner, Erik Johannessen, have redefined what "music for children" is and can be. No topic is too small, and none is too big for Me and my Comrade.

To need to pee so much that you invent a new dance, to be in love but so confused among all the doorbells in the neighboring block, to feel lonely, tired, to have a grandfather who has a girlfriend who is not a grandmother, or for example a second best friend which is a robot, or sleeping like a rock - that is noe of it Me and my mate marvel at in their music - and which you and your friends can marvel at together with them during a guaranteed memorable concert experience!

Flying Seagulls

Jesters, clowns, musicians, artists and entertainers of all kinds from the company The Flying Seagulls will mark Barnivalparken with pranks and juggling. They are play and laughter specialists who believe that a daily smile should be a right for all children. And their humanitarian work, in the name of laughter, can be found all over the world.


Day passes for both adults and children cost NOK 150. Three-day passes cost NOK 290 and can be purchased here.

Other artists

Christians kjeller
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 15:00

The poetry oasis: Ingrid Olava

Photographer Carsten Stolzenbach
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 13.00

Zanussi 4

Photographer Martin Rustad Johansen
Kongsberg Musikkteater
Saturday, July 6 / Time: 18:00

Susanna "Baudelaire & Oslo Sinfonietta"

Christians kjeller
Thursday, July 4 / Time: 21:30

Rita Engedalen

Friday, July 5 / Time: 23:59


Thursday, July 4 / Time: 17:30

Per Zanussi: Liminal Beings (commissioned work)