Thursday 07.07.16
Kongsberg Musikkteater

Arild Andersen and Ensemble Denada

Concert start: 22:30 Price single ticket: NOK 450

The stage is set for a meeting between 70-year-old Arild Andersen and Ensemble Denada, which can mark 10 years since they released their first internationally acclaimed album. Arild Andersen has written new music for the occasion, which has been arranged for a large ensemble by Helge Sunde, Øyvind Brække, Erlend Skomsvoll and Shannon Mowday. The collaboration has been given the title 'Arinada'.

Both Downbeat and other magazines have over the years compared Helge Sunde's compositions for Ensemble Denada with the music of Canadian arranger icon Gil Evans. In this sense, one can easily think of Arild Andersen as tonight's Miles Davis. The repertoire includes completely newly composed music by Arild Andersen, as well as a selection of his compositions and tunes from a long life as a music creator. All in brand new arrangements by the country's leading organizers: band leader Helge Sunde himself, Erlend Skomsvoll, Øyvind Brække and South African Shannon Mowday. When Kongsberg-current Pat Metheny performed his star-studded "Hommage á Eberhard Weber" on the legend's 75th birthday last year, it was precisely Ensemble Denada's Helge Sunde who was asked to write the event and lead the German radio big band.

It has been 4 years since Arild Andersen recorded the ECM album "Celebration" with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. When Arild Andersen takes the stage again in a large format, it will be with his own music and Eastern Norway's own Ensemble Denada in Kongsberg's new main hall.

- This concert will be a mixture of my previous compositions and newly written material. In any case, this, with the wonderful band Ensemble Denada and the band's organisers, will be a completely new twist on my songs, I hope I recognize them myself! The collaboration is a wishful thinking that arose a few years ago in New York where Denada and my trio shared the stage one evening in the East Village, says Arild Andersen himself about the collaboration.


Shannon WEB by Francesco Martinelli

Cast:  Arild Andersen (bass) Ensemble Denada: Frank Brodahl (trumpet), Marius Haltli (trumpet), Anders Eriksson (trumpet, flugelhorn), Frode Nymo (soprano sax), Børge-Are Halvorsen (alto sax, flute, alto flute), Atle Nymo (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Shannon Mowday (bass sax , contralto-clarinet), Even Kruse Skatrud (trom.), Helge Sunde (trom.), Jens Thoresen (guitar), Olga Konkova (piano), Per Mathisen (bass), Håkon Mjåset Johansen (drums)

Ensemble Denada is run by East Norway Jazz Center and receives ensemble support from the Norwegian Cultural Council.

En español:

It's time for a meeting between the 70-year anniversary Arild Andersen and Ensemble Denada. This marks 10 years since they released their internationally critically acclaimed album. For the occasion, Arild Andersen, has written a new piece of music, customized for a big ensemble by Helge Sunde, Erlend Skomsvoll, Øyvind Brække and Shannon Mowday. The cooperation has been given the name "Arinada".

It's been 4 years since Arild Andersen recorded the EMC album "Celebration" with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. When Arild Andersen again returns to the stage in a large format, it is with his own music and Ensemble Denada, in Kongsberg's new grand venue, Kongsberg Musikkteater.

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