06.07.2022 KL.17:00
Kongsberg Musikkteater
KR. 490,-

OPENING CONCERT - Stian Carstensen: Musical Sanatorium

This year’s opening concert features Musical Sanatorium, a major work by Stian Carstensen. We guarantee an immersive experience, in which exotic rhythms from around the world dance among cascading tidal waves of emotion.

Award-winning multi-instrumentalist Stian Carstensen has been a central figure in Norwegian musical life, as well as on the international scene, for many years – and his popularity is ever-increasing. He is perhaps best known as the frontman of Farmers Market, but he has collaborated with many bands in an unbelievably broad range of genres, always with enormous commitment, and always with his trademark infectious humour. One of his main musical fascinations has been Bulgarian folk music, and one of the principal goals in Musical Sanatorium was to blend his beloved Bulgarian rhythms with elements of European art music – and loads of other influences to boot.

Nothing about Musical Sanatorium is commonplace. The combination of instruments in the ensemble is unique; the contrasts in musical temperament are huge; we ride peaks and troughs of emotion as on the high seas, and visit weird and wonderful musical locations; all with some of the best musicians that Norway (and indeed the world) has to offer.

The album includes contributions from names such as Mike Patton, Ola Kvernberg, Jacob Collier, Todd Terje, Jarle Vespestad, Finn Guttormsen, Audun Sandvik, Atle Sponberg, Bjarne Magnus Jensen, Sidsel Walstad, Torbjørn Dyrud, Pål Hausken, Gabriel Carstensen Øien, Finn Guttormsen and Marinette Tonning-Olsen. Many of these musicians will be on stage this evening, as well as the Romanian cimbalom virtuoso Giani Lincan, who, among his many projects, contributed to the Oscar-winning score for Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

A 6-star review of Carstensen’s album in the Norwegian broadsheet Dagsavisen concludes:
«To be called a musical genius is a privilege reserved for the very few, but to describe Stian Carstensen in any other way would be belittling» (Mode Steinkjer, Dagsavisen).


Stian Carstensen – accordion
Ola Kvernberg – violin
Atle Sponberg – violin
Audun Andre Sandvik – cello
Bjarne Magnus Jensen – violin
Florin Lincan – cimbalom
Embrik Snerte – bassoon
Marinette Tonning-Olsen – french horn
Fritz Pahlman – french horn
Sidsel Walstad – harp
Finn Guttormsen – bass
Ola Erlien (guitar)
Ellie Mäkelä( bratsj)
Torbjørn Dyrud – harpsichord/electric piano/organ
Jarle Vespestad – drums

Tor Breivik (lyd) 

Concert start: 17:00
Doors: 16:00


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