Wednesday 06.07.22
Kongsberg Musikkteater

OPENING CONCERT: Stian Carstensen – Musical Sanatorium

Stian Carstensen's great work "Musical Sanatorium" is an adventurous cascade of emotional tidal waves where all the world's exotic rhythms dance against us. This will be the opening concert at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in 2022!

Concert start: 17:00 Single ticket price: NOK 490

The multi-instrumentalist Stian Carstensen has played a central role in Norwegian and international music life for many years, and he is a particularly popular musician. We know him from the popular farmers market, but he has visited countless bands and the most diverse musical expressions - always with a commitment and a mood that is bound to rub off on the audience. He has a fascination for Bulgarian folk music, and a main aim of "Musical Sanatorium" is to forge these rhythms together with European art music - and a bit of everything else.

Everything about this work is completely unusual: a lush flora of instruments that hardly anyone would have thought belonged together, great contrasts in temperament and temperature, great emotional troughs and crests, musical detours to strange, exotic places - and much, much more. Everything performed by the best musicians the world can produce.

The album has contributions from renowned names such as Mike Patton, Ola Kvernberg, Jacob Collier, Todd Terje, Jarle Vespestad, Finn Guttormsen, Audun Sandvik, Atle Sponberg, Bjarne Magnus Jensen, Sidsel Walstad, Torbjørn Dyrud, Pål Hausken, Gabriel Carstensen Øien, Finn Guttormsen and Marinette Tonning-Olsen and several of these we will also hear live this evening. Particularly worth mentioning is the Romanian cimbalom virtuoso Giani Lincan, who is known, among other things, for having contributed to the film music for the Wes Anderson film Grand Budapest Hotel.

The culture editor in Dagsavisen, Mode Steinkjer, concludes his 6-star review of the album as follows: "A term like musical genius is not something that many people think of, but when it comes to Stian Carstensen, it's as if everything else is too small".

Stian Carstensen – accordion and more
Ola Kvernberg – violin
Atle Sponberg – violin
Audun Andre Sandvik – cello
Bjarne Magnus Jensen – violin
Florin Lincan – dulcimer
Embrik Snerte – bassoon
Marinette Tonning-Olsen – horn
Fritz Pahlman – horn
Sidsel Walstad – harp
Finn Guttormsen – bass
Ola Erlien (guitar) 
Torbjørn Dyrud – harpsichord/electric piano/organ
Ellie Mäkelä (viola)
Jarle Vespestad – drums

Tor Breivik (sound) 

Concert: 17:00
Doors open: 16:00

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