07.07.2022 KL.18:30
KR. 795,-

Bernhoft // Timbuktu & Damn! // Angelina Jordan

Thursday evening on Kirketorget with three international stars – dance to the rhythms and feel the soul!

Three fantastic and distinctive artists perform on the Kirketorget stage on Thursday 7 July.

Bernhoft’s latest album, Dancing On My Knees, is – according to the artist himself – the most personal that he has ever created. The title refers to his feeling of constantly heading down (or up, but always in motion) with a disco ball held high.
Since Timbuktu released his first single in 1996, he has performed both as a solo artist and in collaboration with others – such as the funk band Damn!. He has achieved massive success with hits like “Alla vil till himmelen” (“Everyone wants to go to heaven”), “Det löser sig” (“It’ll be all right”) and “The botten is nådd” (“Rock bottom”), sung in his characteristic dialect from Scania in southern Sweden.
Angelina Jordan has been fascinated by jazz ever since she was a very young girl – but her audience appeal is much wider! At just 16 years of age, she has an unbelievable stage presence and a gift for communication and reaching out to audiences of all ages.
This evening, you can experience these three amazing artists in one memorable triple concert in Kongsberg.


Bernhoft’s lyrics centre around his all-encompassing doubt about everything, including his own self-worth. In the writing and recording process behind Dancing On My Knees, he has taken a more full-throttle, devil-may-care approach than before. He has worked with writers and producers like Skinny Days, Kristian Flatmate Vik, Alex Pavelich, Carl-Victor Guttormsen – and of course his long-term collaborator Bjarne Stensli. They have pushed him out of his comfort zone – and he has described the result as an exercise in being on display, not just naked but flayed.
Recording-wise we find him returning to some of the methods from Solidarity Breaks – he plays all the instruments himself (with a few honourable exceptions). “Put Your Mojo On” is a pep talk to himself. The man who sings “Clearly Confused” can’t really understand why he deserves any love, while “All My Loving” and “Say It Isn’t So” are full of the fear of being left alone. His heart is all twisted and dried up in “Pretty Baby Love”, while in “Call Out Kids”, inspired by his sons, he scores a perfect strike – on his knees, of course!
After a successful autumn tour with his band, he continues on his rounds this spring. He can’t wait to turn up the volume and present his new music along with lots of his old hit songs.


Timbuktu & Damn!

It’s time to fasten your seatbelts and polish your dancing shoes. Because when Timbuktu and Scandinavia’s coolest 18-man band Damn! take the stage, you’re guaranteed a concert experience you won’t forget. Jason Diakité, better known as Timbuktu, is one of Scandinavia’s most popular artists. He has about 10 albums to his name, has won gold and platinum discs, eight Swedish Grammy awards and four P3 Guld (Swedish radio) awards. Jason Diakité’s other projects include his book début, the memoir En droppe midnatt (A Drop of Midnight; 2016), which was later adapted as a stage performance and broke audience records at several venues.
Timbuktu spent the summer of 2018 on the road in Sweden and Norway with Damn!, playing a dozen or so major gigs. The same year they released the album Kärlekens Blandband, a fantastic live studio recording of material from the tour, recorded at legendary Gula Studio in Malmö and released digitally and on cassette. It includes some of Timbutku and Damn!’s best-loved songs, including “Rest of your life”, “Dance of Death” and “Mistenkt” (“Suspect”).


Angelina Jordan

Angelina Jordan’s voice has captivated the world – and this summer she returns to Kongsberg Jazz Festival. The music industry and the audience are firmly in agreement that she is a superstar in the making. She has made many international TV appearances, performs regularly at major events and has been declared the next Amy Winehouse by the UK Daily Mail. Angelina Jordan is also a major social media sensation, with over a billion views on YouTube and Facebook.
Her passion for music was ignited when she watched Whitney Houston perform “I will always love you” on YouTube – she was just 18 months old at the time. Houston, and later Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington, are among Angelina’s major musical inspirations. She could hardly have dreamt how many people she would go on to enthral with her artistry, and renditions of songs such as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Elton John’s “Yellow Brick Road” have reached an entire world.


Doors open at 17:30

Concert start 19:00

Tickets available for the alcohol-free area and for the 18+ area



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