Thursday 07.07.22
Gamle Norge


It never goes to hell with the Hellbillies.

Concert start: 22:00 Single ticket price: NOK 595

After over 30 years on the road, Hellbillies have an unshakable status as one of the country's very best live bands. When the band released their latest album "Blå dag", Dagsavisen aptly referred to them as "part of the Norwegian folk soul". Now the legends are very much looking forward to being able to meet their large audience around the country again. 

"Traveling around to cultural centers, clubs and festivals in this country is one of the best things we know, and it's something we've really missed during the pandemic. Now we are very ready to give audiences all over the country a really good concert experience again, and some brand new songs with us", says the band.

Hellbillies have been entertaining audiences in every nook and cranny of Norway since 1990. After countless tours and record releases, the legends still garner fantastic feedback from critics and audiences alike. When Norway shut down due to the pandemic, the band had just started their sold-out anniversary tour, which was to be the longest tour in the band's history. The Hellbillies have sold over one million records, and new generations are constantly discovering their many contributions to the Norwegian song treasure. A recent example of this is the rising star Emma Steinbakken, who interpreted the Hellbillies classic "Eg glymer deg aldi" for the NRK hit Rådebank, and who topped both radio and streaming charts with "Jeg glymer deg aldi" for a long time.

As always, the Hellbillies are led by the brothers Aslag and Lars Håvard Haugen and have an energy and routine that is a real joy to experience. So if you want to sing along to immortal classics such as "Den finast eg veit", "Ei Krasafaren Steinbu", "20 år på vegen" and "Søvnlaus", there is an opportunity to do so at Gamle Norge, Thursday 7 July! 

Concert start 22:00
Doors open: 21:00

Remember that you can buy a Gamle Norge pass, which gives access to all 7 concerts at Gamle Norge during the festival. Link to purchase a pass here.

Age limit 20 years. No guardianship arrangement.

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